Why Us?

Our mission is to help students move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Through our devoted passion to inspire achievement, identity purpose, instill character, and enrich of the faith of every student we see incredible results. We believe you are making the best choice for your student by enrolling in Marion county’s premier Christian school.

One of our most proud accomplishments is our 100% graduation rate! Every year we continue to see our student’s accomplish great things. Below are a few highlights from the class of 2019.

Class of '19 Highlights

  • 14 of the 20 were graduating members of the National Christian Honor Student Association.
  • 14 students graduated with high honors. Of those 14, 9 of them ranged from a 4.0 to a 4.7 GPA.
  • 3 additional students graduated with honors.
  • 13 students participated in the dual enrollment program through one or all the following colleges: College of Central Florida, Southeastern University Ocala, and Oral Roberts University.   
  • 4 students were accepted into the Community of Scholars Honors Program Track A at the College of Central Florida. Only 29 new students, from 3 different counties, were welcomed into this program for the Fall semester. Two additional students are candidates for Track B. 
  • 1 student was a recipient of the Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award. 5 additional students were recipients of the Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship. Overall, these students were awarded $125,000 in scholarships. This amount doesn’t include athletic and music awards.
  • 2 students received sports scholarships—1 for basketball scholarship, the other for softball. Another student received a music and cheerleading scholarship.
  • These exceptional students joined one of the following college campuses in the Fall: University of Florida, Florida State University, Webber International University, Warner University, College of Central Florida, and Liberty University.