At Meadowbrook Academy, our desire is to partner with our parents to encourage them and our students to make wise, Godly choices. On this page you will find motivational, informative and educational resources that will help equip you to tackle some of today’s biggest issues. From technology to faith, these resources are designed to foster conversations between your children and yourself as you strive to raise your children in righteousness and instill Godly principles in their lives.

  • Faith, Technology,

    sexual integrity


    Preschool |  Elementary  |  Middle  |  High


    Preschool |  Elementary  |  Middle  |  High


    Preschool  |  Elementary  |  Middle  |  High

  • Trending Hashtags

    Researchers have found hidden hashtags teens are using on social media to connect with others engaging in risky or self-harming behavior. Here's what you need to know. Click HERE to read an article about 10 troubling and trending hashtags teens are currently using to express potentially dangerous or harmful behavior with their peers.

  • Parental controls

    Click HERE to set up parental controls on Apple devices. 

    Click HERE to set up parental controls on Android devices. Click HERE to learn how to set up an internet filter at home.

    Click HERE to install YouTube Safety.

  • Apps to restrict

    SnapChat – Texted photos to disappear after being read

    Tinder/Swipe/IMEETZU- Chat & Dating Sites (Predatory)

    Facebook – Turn OFF location services

    KiK Messenger – It’s really a place for ‘strangers’ to connect Tumblr – Blogging app just moved to 17+ for explicit content

  • Safe / Smart / Social

    Click HERE to view dozens of social media app guides.

  • boundaries

    5 things to help your kids understand boundaries:

    1. Ask what needs to be different
    2. Make the message clear
    3. Be consistent and follow through
    4. Treat others how you want to be treated
    5. Remember NO means NO

    Read the full article on All Pro Dad by clicking HERE.

  • Roblox

    What it is: 

    • A new game for 8- to 12-year-olds with over 44 million users that allows children to “create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends.”

    Why it's dangerous:

    • Ability for sexual predators to target children.          Click HERE to read more.
    • Avatars can demonstrate questionable behavior.      Click HERE to read more.