Meadowbrook Academy was established in 1996 as a ministry of Meadowbrook Church. Our kindergarten through 12th grade program unites Christian values with academic excellence. Currently, the Academy offers one class per grade level.

Located in the midst of 80 acres owned by the church, the Academy’s campus is a safe, peaceful one with sprawling athletic fields, natural wooded surroundings, and appealing classrooms. An atmosphere where students can learn and be successful is a top priority at MBA.

Christian education holds the balanced program that every child needs – spirit, soul, and body are ministered to. Not only is an excellent academic program offered, but character development and the keys to successful living are integrated into our program.

As educators, we have but one goal: to produce a strong, innovative, up-to-date program that inspires students to excel academically, socially, athletically and spiritually. Our system of parent communication, classroom productivity, program expansion and technology training is designed for success. As educators, we will constantly challenge ourselves to explore the latest educational training and research as we continue to invest in equipment and technology.

Our goal is to guide our students through rigorous academics and thoughtfully developed extra-curricular activities, to develop into individuals who can successfully lead a family, a business, or a government with a Christ-centered worldview.

We will challenge our students to think creatively, speak effectively and act responsibly. We are proud to be investing into tomorrow’s leaders and achievers. We are in the field of educating young people, and they are worthy of our greatest efforts and investments.