Give to the MBA Fund.

Every year the MBA Fund receives financial gifts. These gifts come from parents who have seen their children thrive at Meadowbrook Academy, from alumni who want to give back to their school, from faculty who everyday see the growth and development in the lives of our students, and from friends who believe in the mission of Meadowbrook Academy.


A new school year, means a new year for giving and your support is essential for us to reach our 2018-19 goals.


The MBA Fund supports the students and faculty of Meadowbrook Academy by funding:

  • New buildings
  • Athletics
  • Faculty development
  • Student scholarships
  • Student life activities
  • Technology
  • The arts
  • Upgrades and maintenance to buildings and grounds

Tuition does not cover all the costs of Meadowbrook Academy. We rely on the support of our parents, alumni, teachers, and friends of the school. If you haven’t had a chance to give, will you please join us in supporting Meadowbrook Academy? Your gift truly does make a difference. 

The MBA Fund