10:30 AM

As we continue to monitor the possible impact of Hurricane Dorian on our area, we have decided to cancel school tomorrow out of an abundance of caution.


Meadowbrook Academy will be cancelling all classes and extra-curricular activities for Wednesday. We will reassess for Thursday and communicate accordingly.


We will continue to monitor as it moves north and communicate again tomorrow.  We  keep you updated via our MBA website (www.mbaocala.org/dorian), MBA Facebook (www.facebook.com/mbaocala), as well as email and social media groups.


Have a great day and let’s be praying for the Bahamas, Florida, and the Carolina’s.


2:30 PM

We are posting the following update because parents will be asking if we are closed all week.


Hurricane Dorian Update:


Marion County Public Schools just announced that they will be closed for the remainder of this week due to opening for shelters. 


MBC/MBA Leadership Team will monitor the status of Hurricane Dorian and let you know by mid-day tomorrow if we plan to reopen or stay closed for Wednesday.  We will take this day by day until this storm passes.


Keep looking for updates on our MBA website (www.mbaocala.org/dorian), MBA Facebook (www.facebook.com/mbaocala), and MBA Parent Stampede.


10:30 AM

Meadowbrook Academy will be closed on Tuesday, September 3.  Please make sure you are staying tuned to local news, this website, and the MBA Facebook page regarding additional updates.


5 PM

The Administration of Meadowbrook Academy is working closely with the Emergency Response Team from Meadowbrook Church to monitor the path and magnitude of Hurricane Dorian as it develops.

MBA will follow the Marion County School Board when if and when it becomes necessary to close schools. Updates will be provided via a variety of communication channels, including the MBA website (www.mbaocala.org/dorian), Chalkable, MBA Facebook, email, and phone calls if necessary. 

Parents may post this note on their social media to help get the news out as well.

Please continue to check our website and the local media for storm updates.