Bob Jones Press

Meadowbrook Academy uses curriculum designed by Bob Jones University.

BJU Press is committed to Christian education. To support Christian educators, BJU Press produces textbooks and materials that shape a biblical worldview, are academically rigorous, encourage critical thinking, and are supported with technology solutions.

Biblical Worldview

BJU Press defines biblical integration as biblical worldview shaping. They use the biblical themes of Creation, the Fall, and Redemption as the lenses through which to look at all academic disciplines. As students view academic subjects through the lens of Scripture, they learn how to redeem those subjects back to God. 

Academic Rigor

Bob Jones is committed to producing education materials that are both biblically faithful and academically sound. Although memorization of facts and assimilation of information is a necessary part of all learning, rigorous education is not identified as simply having more pages, more problems, and more pressure. Instead, in an academically rigorous environment, students take an active role in their learning and are motivated to master age-appropriate material. Materials use hands-on-learning, creative problem solving, and other research-proven instructional strategies to engage students and inspire real learning. 

Critical Thinking

Education is more than just making good grades—much more. It is learning to think for oneself, to use discernment, and to consider values when confronted with conflict. It is not only knowing the facts and processes (which have their place) but also thinking critically and expressing one’s ideas. Bob Jones’ textbooks help develop these skills with inductive teaching, hands-on-learning, and probing questions. 

Technology Solutions

The days of teaching using a chalkboard or overhead projector are fast becoming distant memories. Teachers are looking for innovative ways to engage students in learning. BJU Press offers cutting-edge technology enhancements that do just that.